Hundreds of millions of dollars (up to $900M to be exact) are up for grabs through the city’s 2017 General Obligation, or “GO Bond”, and Colfax Ave is working hard to fight for much-needed improvements along the corridor.

Colfax Ave, along with the three other Colfax Business Improvement Districts (Mayfair, Bluebird and West Colfax), formed the Colfax Collaborative to propose streetscape improvements, valued at $20M, that will contribute to the overall pedestrian safety of Colfax while strengthening its economic vitality to create a unique sense of place.

The project includes improvements such as medians, curb extensions and enhanced crosswalks for 12-14 intersections. The funding from the GO Bond would help make Colfax Ave’s Streetscape Plan a reality and allow us to vastly improve safety, appearance and development along Colfax.

The Transportation and Mobility subcommittee met last week to negotiate and prioritize which projects will make the final cut. So far, the Colfax proposal remains a high-priority project. The committee will meet one more time on May 11th to ratify the final list. After an “Executive Committee” reviews the funding packages from all five subcommittees, the City Council will then approve the final GO Bond package and send them to a public vote in November.

The GO Bond is the perfect opportunity to fund the improvements that the Colfax community has desired for years. We will keep you updated as the process moves along – thank you for your support!