A few weeks ago, we asked you to speak up and let Mayor Hancock and City Council know that you wanted the Colfax Corridor Improvements fully funded in the 2017 General Obligation (GO) Bond after being cut to $6 million. In true Colfax form, you made your voices heard.

Yesterday morning, Mayor Hancock announced that funding for Colfax has been reinstated at the full $20 million. This is a huge step for our main street and wouldn’t have been possible without your participation, along with the relentless advocacy of the four Colfax BIDs who make up the Colfax Collaborative (Colfax MayfairBluebirdColfax Ave, and West Colfax). You can view the entire list of projects here.

We would also like to thank Council President Albus Brooks, Councilman Wayne New, and Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman for their tireless support and advocacy throughout this process. Councilwoman Susman, we’re very happy that you won’t actually have to lie down on the tracks for Colfax, but are extremely flattered that you offered.

Being reinstated for full funding at $20 million is a great accomplishment, but the process isn’t quite over yet. The Mayor’s bond package will go to City Council for review in July and August. The final package will then go to a public vote in November. Thank you for your continued support to help us make Colfax a safe and comfortable place for everyone!