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Send Your Valentine's Message Colfax-Style! by Upper Colfax Wednesday, January 16th, 2013


Post your message on one of our hand-crafted 20" X 20" Colfax hearts and dedicate it to the one you love! They will be displayed on the pedestrian light poles within Upper Colfax between Grant and Columbine. All proceeds will be donated to the DPD District 6 Halloween Party. This is the 19th year District 6 Police is hosting this free event, which serves over 5,000 children in the community.

The cost to have your message displayed on a heart is $30. The messages are simple, such as "Bill loves Mary."  

Click on your message order form HERE and get your Colfax Heart today! 

Hearts are limited. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

 Here's how to order: Go to colfaxave.com. Send completed order forms and payments by check to CBID, P.O. Box 18853, Denver, CO 80218. For more information, please contact Linda at office@colfaxave.comor call 303-832-2086.


Colfax Heart materials and installation are generously sponsored by:


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