Are you a business owner or resident within the BID’s boundaries (Grant to Josephine, between 14th and 16th)? Want to help us make Colfax clean, safe, and friendly?

We’re seeking Block Captains throughout the district to keep their block actively involved in crime prevention efforts as well as the important process of information exchange between neighbors.

Why Block Captains?

As a local business owner or resident, you are a recognizable face and often have daily contact with your neighbors/colleagues. That direct, quick, and immediate interaction is extremely helpful with our joint efforts to make Colfax a comfortable and safe place for everyone.

What Are The Goals/Responsibilities of Block Captains?

  1. Be an immediate resource for neighbors on the block to address issues
  2. Help explain and reinforce the importance of communicating with the police
  3. Encourage your colleagues/neighbors to complete trespassing agreements with the Police Department
  4. Store paint and other implements for painting over graffiti, removing stickers, etc. for your business colleagues to use when needed for quick clean ups (optional)
  5. Explain the “Safe Places” project in which businesses can be a “shelter” for those in immediate threat of a hate crime or other criminal threats
  6. Communicate with the Project Leader with updates and more challenging issues.

Interested? Email Frank at Training and resources will be provided for all Block Captains.